• Yoshiaki Nakagoshi
  • Naofumi Taki

Thought on process study

Yoshiaki Nakagoshi


My main business is to examine methods and processes for new products, arrange equipment and jigs, build them in, and deliver them to production plants.
Among them, considering the process is particularly important because it is directly linked to the profitability of new products, and by communicating with the relevant departments from the development stage, we are considering processes with high productivity while satisfying the required quality as well as safety.
There is a difficulty in crushing anticipated defects in the absence of new products, but we are working with experience in the past and advice from seniors.
No matter how much time is spent studying, a trial of mass production on the line that started up will cause unexpected problems in every aspect.
In response to these problems, we analyze the phenomenon with a tenacity, find out the true cause, solve the problem, and feel pleasure and challenging when we receive the words of labor from the people at the manufacturing site, and we are struggling day by day with our desire for the next project.

Aim for zero-defect facilities

Naofumi Taki


The main task of the assembly & production engineering department is to launch a line of new parts manufactured at overseas factories.
From process examination to arrangement of equipment and jigs, trial production, crushing of production defects, shipping overseas, etc.
When receiving information on new products and conducting process studies, it is necessary to examine them from various viewpoints such as safety, cost, and productivity.
We will incorporate the opinions of our seniors, bosses, and overseas factories, or crush anticipated defects while referring to similar parts in the past.
However, even if we attempt to manufacture equipment and jigs, unexpected problems will occur.
We will repeatedly find the causes and solve them by considering steadily of the problems that occurred and how they could be solved, and we will create facilities and jigs that are easy for manufacturing sites to produce.
When we look at the fact that these facilities and jigs have been shipped and are active at overseas factories, we can see that they are extremely challenging and that we are able to create the next better equipment, which leads to vigor in work.