Overseas Bases Toyotetsu America, Inc. (TTAI)

Toyotetsu America, Inc. (TTAI)

Toyotetsu America, Inc. (TTAI)

100 Pin Oak Dr. Somerset KY.42503 U.S.A


October 1995





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TTAI was established in 1995 in Somerset, and started operations in 1997.
This is the largest and very first base in North America, holding North American headquarters within the company. The main customer is TMMK (Toyota Kentucky Plant), which sells approximately 90% of the total, and we also deliver products to Nissan and Subaru.
TTAI offers the best welfare in the region, and as part of this, it established an on-site clinic in 2015.Two doctors and three nurses are working full-time, focusing on employee cares.
The climate in Somerset is almost the same as that of Japan, but the humidity is lower so the living environment is comfortable.
The famous sightseeing spot is Lake Cumberland, which is located about 45 minutes from the Somerset, and it is bustled with a large number of boats in summer. The Cumberland Fall is a land pattern known for rainbows (Moonbow) made of moonlight and water smoke from waterfalls, which are said to be able to see only several times a year.


At TTAI, we plan various events with a sense of gratitude in everyday life.
Its biggest main event is the company picnic. Employees and their families gather together to tour the factory and ask their families to see where they are working, prepare more than 40 prizes (such as televisions, canoes, barbecue grills, etc.) and hold large lottery events, which are bustling with many activities throughout the day.
Other events include lottery events for tickets to local pools and orchards, and small monthly events such as mother day (carnation), father day (mini tool set), and earth day (flower species).