Overseas Bases Toyotetsu Texas, Inc. (TTTX)

Toyotetsu Texas, Inc. (TTTX)

Toyotetsu Texas, Inc. (TTTX)

1 Lone Star Pass, Bldg 38 San Antonio,TX 78264-3643 U.S.A


November 2004





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Started operation in November 2006 as the third base in North America. As an on-site factory, we produce tundra and tacoma parts.
In addition to nearly all underbodies, we produce suspension parts such as upper bodies, functional parts, and lower arms. The Company owns the 2500TR, 1600TR, and 500TR in addition to the main press of the 3000TR installed in August 2016.
In the welding line, we have adopted SPD (Set Parts Delivery) delivery, in which one unit of parts is placed on a dedicated bogie and delivered to the customer. This is a mere feature of TTTX within the group as well.


5Day orientation is implemented before the new employees are assigned to the workplace to eliminate work concerns and mismatches.
In addition, we have planned various events for employees with large and small manpower every month to enhance welfare activities.We carry out unique plans such as creating a Cook Book that collects household recipes from employees' families, creating a commemorative medal tailored to San Antonio's largest event fiesta, holding company picnic and a family day where employees' families are invited to the company and a Christmas event.
We are also actively participating in volunteer activities at suburban schools.