Toyotetsu's original technology expresses softness with the "Toyototsu (fine convex layer)" on the back of the surface layer.
This technology is easy to disassemble, easy to recycle, and environmentally friendly, because it does not use base materials and adhesives, but only assembles products. Controls the layout and angle of "Toyototsu" for a pleasant feel.
It is mainly used for armrests and console boxes of interior parts.

Example of use


Advantages of Toyototsu

Advantages of Toyototsu
Conventional door arm rests consist of five layers, representing the feeling of touch with urethane in the foam layer, but the shingled parts consist of two layers, molded products and base materials only, as shown in the figure at the top right, representing the feeling of touch with a fine convex shape.
With this structure, the conventional product manufacturing process takes 10 steps, including urethane lamination, skin cutting, sewing, adhesive application, drying, etc., but can be reduced to three steps, namely, injection molding and assembly of the surface layer and the base material, thereby reducing costs.
In addition, we can easily separate the surface layer and the base material even after assembling from conventional products without discarding cut-off materials and without adhesives. This structure is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Received Aichi pref. Environment award "Excellent Award"


Received "the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award"

Toyototsu technology

Point ②

Point ①

Controls the tilting direction of the sleeve
Interference-free layout

Point ②

Expresses the feeling of preference by combining materials and shapes Controls touch freely by material, boss, and butterfly length, pitch, and angle

Products that use Toyototsu