"Customers First" is the Basics of Our Monozukuri(Manufactuaring) Activities,
We Challenge Ourselves to Our Dream with
"Courage and Enthusiasm to Change"

Since establishing our company in 1946, we have overcome many hardships. As a result, we have maintained our position as a global auto parts supplier for steel stampings and plastic resins in both Japan and around the world. This growth is the due in part to the strong support from our Customers and Supply base. Thank you very much your strong commitment.

Especially, while the environment of the latest automobile industry has been drastically changing in comparison with the previous condition due to globalization, advanced IT technology, and correspondence to global environment etc., Toyotetsu group has been expanding its business  starting from business in Indonesia. Currently, Toyotetsu has 16 oversea subsidiaries in 9 countries and 3 domestic subsidiaries. We have developed the structure of our companies to succeed in the global business field.

Even though the automobile industry faces the renovation period which happens "once in 100 years" Toyotetsu challenges to survive and grow further its business proactively and speedy with full participation.

We contribute to customer and local community continuously with the creation and suggestion of new value cooperating with group companies in all over the world.

I would like to ask for your continuous guidance and support now and in the future.

Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Yasuhiko Sakamoto