Happy for WORK


As we started in the Showa era, our performance has been steadily increasing, and we have moved ahead of the Heisei era and are entering a new era of the Reiwa era.
The number of employees in Japan alone is more than 2,000, and the number of employees worldwide is 11,000. People with many different environmental backgrounds support each other.
In recent years, we have focused our attention on each of them and have provided the same environment. Although the optimal timing, scene, and method for each employee can demonstrate their capabilities are different, we aim to share the direction of the vector and make all employees active.

Implementation of a moral survey

Implementation of a moral survey

Since 2002, the moral survey has been conducted for all employees in a questionnaire format as part of our work style reform initiative.
We are contributing to the improvement of employees' well-being by proposing measures for improvement by investigating the opinions of employees regarding company initiatives and visualizing company problems through employee awareness surveys.
Since FY2018, we have been utilizing this system in the survey of well-being, and are working to respond to working styles that meet the increasingly diverse times of the future.

Job rotation system

This is a rotation system to assess the aptitude of young employees, targeting general and technical staff.
It is commonly referred to as "Triathlon PG" in order to have three departments experience before being promoted to the chief class.
As a rough guide, we conduct a rotation once every four years with the aim of "fostering general and specialists responsible for the future of TOYOTETSU throughout the company" and "providing opportunities for all employees to demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest in appropriate departments."