Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping

This is a technology to produce high-strength products of 1470MPa material by heating a material dedicated to hot stamping to about 900℃ and press working, and at the same time holding/quenching it with a die and quenching it into a material.
In addition, because the material is softened by heating the material, it has the advantage that the product accuracy is easy to produce than conventional general (cold) presses.

Advantages of Hot Stamping

TOYOTETSU's hot-stamped components have been used to reinforce centerbody pillars since the 2003 Prius.
Today, we also produce the outer shells of our center body pillars, and we also produce them in the U.S., Turkey, China, and other countries worldwide.
In addition, TOYOTETSU uses a direct water cooling method (a method in which cooling water flows directly onto the die surfaces) to cool dies, thereby achieving high productivity by keeping the die temperatures low.

Products that use Hot Stamping