Environmental Philosophy

We are engaged in a variety of activities with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of society and the earth.

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to pass on our rich lives to the next generation while preserving the environment, and as a member of society, we have a great responsibility to the company as well. For us involved in the automobile industry, addressing environmental issues is one of our most important issues, including the energy issue and the global warming issue caused by the increase of greenhouse gases.
As a global business company, the Toyotatsu Group is committed to a wide range of activities aimed at contributing to the sustainable development of society and the earth.
Environmental Philosophy

The Toyotetsu Earth Charter

1. Contribution toward a prosperous 21st century society

In order to contribute to a rich 21st century society, we will strive to achieve zero emissions throughout all of our business activities with the aim of growing in harmony with the environment.

2. Pursuit of environmental technologies

The Toyota Industries Group will constantly give consideration to the environment, and will strive to develop products, including automotive parts, as well as environmentally friendly technologies.

3. Voluntary Efforts

In addition to striving to ensure thorough prevention and comply with laws and regulations, we will establish voluntary improvement plans based on environmental issues on a global scale and in each country and region, and will promote continuous initiatives.

4. Working in cooperation with society

In addition to cooperating with our customers and suppliers, we will also establish collaborative and cooperative relationships with local communities and a wide range of society related to environmental protection.

Toyotetsu Environmental Policy

  • 1. We will predict and evaluate the environmental impact of our business activities in general, such as pressing, assembly, die making, and resin molding, with a focus on automotive parts, and establish environmental objectives and targets, and continuously improve and review our environmental management system.

  • 2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and agreements.

  • 3. In order to conserve limited resources, we will make every effort to reduce waste, conserve resources, and conserve energy with the participation of all employees.

  • 4. In light of the environment surrounding the plant, we will place importance on exchange and information gathering with local communities and work to prevent pollution so as not to cause any inconvenience to local communities.

  • 5. Promote environmental education and public relations activities to raise awareness of the environment among all employees.

Scope of the environmental management system

It shall apply to TOYOTETSU's business activities, focusing on automotive components, and to environmental protection activities related to services and products generated therefrom in the following relevant regions.
It is also applied to employees engaged in them.
Head office location

4-50 Hosoya-cho,Toyota,Aichi,Japan

Head plant

4-50 Hosoya-cho,Toyota,Aichi,Japan

Hirokute Plant

6-8 Hirokute-cho,Toyota,Aichi,Japan

Sasahara Plant

37-8 Sasabara-cho Shikida,Toyota,Aichi,Japan

Nukata Plant

8-4 Aza Osarada,Nakainishi-cho,Okazaki,Aichi,Japan


1-4-10 Hinode-cho,Toyota,Aichi,Japan