Happy for LIFE

New welfare system

A selective new welfare system is scheduled to start in April 2020.
All employees can use the system in a fair and diverse manner to meet their needs, thus enhancing their respective lifestyles (LIFE).
The company subsidizes the amount of money used for the items you wish to use in the welfare menu with the "point" granted each year as the upper limit. The unused portion is carried over for a maximum of two years at the end of the fiscal year. The target welfare menu includes five pillars of "health promotion," "self-training," "communication," "private substantiality," and "household substantiality," and the expenses used for these pillars are subject to subsidy.

Examples of Use of the New Welfare System

Cost of using the fitness club

・Cost of using the fitness club
・Marathon Participation Fee

English conversation tuition fee

・English conversation tuition fee
・Cost of the correspondence course
・Examination cost for qualification

Friendship sessions with colleagues

・Friendship sessions with colleagues
・Meal session with family members

Trip for long-time employees

・Trip for long-time employees
・Travel accommodation and transportation costs

Use of child care centers

・Use of child care centers
・Baby Car Purchase Cost
・Rental of nursing beds

Club activities

Club activities
There are clubs for 6 baseball teams, 2 footsals and basketball.

Company cafeteria

Company cafeteria
This dining room has been certified as Smart Meal, a healthy dining and eating environment system.

TOYOTETSU Technology Society

TOYOTETSU Technology Society

Launched in 1983 as a call for employees who are deeply interested in technological innovation.
We will conduct a variety of activities throughout the year, including research presentations, tours, lectures, and competitions, with the aim of enhancing our technological capabilities and knowledge.

TOYOTETSU Technology Society