Corporate Philosophy

Basic Principles

  • Aiming for continuous growth as a global company through concerted mobilization of all Toyotetsu Group resources.

  • Making a broad-based contribution to society through corporate activities, while giving consideration to the environment and following the spirit of the law.

  • Delivering high value through consistent application of our "Customer First" principle.

  • Working hard based on open and fair business relationships in order to attain prosperous coexistence.

  • Creating an attractive work environment based on trust between employees and management.


Since our founding in 1946, we have been devoting TOYOTETSU's knowledge to doing things thoroughly on the GENCHI GENBUTSU (go and see) without fear of failures.
This DNA has been succeeded in succession by the word "Seriously Steadily Completely".
In 2010, TOYOTETSU released a booklet entitled "THE TOYOTETSU MIND" in order to clarify these principles of values and action.
We aim to ensure that all Group employees who have different nationalities, generations, and values share this DNA accurately, and that they continue to grow both in quality and quantity as a global company.