Health Management

TOYOTETSU will continue to acquire "Excellent Health Management Corporation" as a healthy management company.

TOYOTETSU's declarations on healthy management

TOYOTETSU believes that "healthy human resources" are the most important management resources for contributing to the development of a harmonized and better society through manufacturing while responding to various environmental changes surrounding it.

"Mental and physical health and safety are all the starting points.
Bright, enjoyable, and cheerfully."

We will promote health management.

July 2019
Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.
President Jiro Iwase


Priority measures

1. Creating a Comfortable Workplace

1. Creating a Comfortable Workplace

We will work to create a well-ventilated and comfortable working environment through interactive communication.

2. Work-life balance

We will actively work to maintain mental and physical health by working in a "well-balanced" manner through the correction of constant long-time work and the promotion of holidays, in which labor and management work together.
2. Work-life balance

3. To consolidate the habit of taking exercise

We will work to build exercise habits to improve the health and physical strength of our employees through our in-house sporting events and the participation of the municipal marathon.

4. Promoting various measures to prevent illness

We will improve the quality of our employees by giving guidance on improving eating habits for preventing lifestyle-related illnesses and by following up on the second check-up of health checkups in detail.

Health Management

Managers take leadership and strategically manage the health of employees and others from a management perspective.

①Policy aspect carried out by the national government
②Practical aspects of achieving results within the company

Concrete Efforts


(1) Accredited as Excellent Health Management Corporation

We are seriously thinking about the health of working people and are working on a variety of issues.

(2) Sporting events

TOYOTETSU holds toyote sports events (athletic associations) each fall in an effort to establish employees' exercise habits.
In order to achieve the results of the repeated exercises for the competition, such as the Onawa jumping, rope pulling, dodge beat (disc dodge) and relay race, we are sincerely sweating with pleasure.
Jump rope

Jump rope

Dodge Bee

Dodge Bee



(3)Health seminar

We regularly hold health seminars to maintain and improve the health of our employees.


Kung fu seminar


Kung fu seminar


Second step seminar