FSW(Friction Stir Welding)

The rotating tool is pushed into the joint, and the material softened by friction heat and processing heat is stirred and joined.

Advantages of FSW

  • Since a bonding method that does not weld the material, less distortion and deformation than in the case of melt welding.

  • Metal structure of the bonded portion by FSW as compared with the metal structure by welding such as MIG becomes fine crystal structure, the bonding strength is increased.

  • The welding process is simple and easy to manage.

  • Just by rotating and moving the joining tool mechanically

  • No flux wire or shield gas required

  • No spatter or fume generation

  • Power saving → 1/3 of conventional welding

  • Aluminum castings, which are said to be difficult to join, can be reformed.

Products that use FSW