Overseas Bases Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corp.(FTIC)

Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corp.(FTIC)

Fukai Toyotetsu Indiana Corp.(FTIC)

1100 North Lebanon Street,Jamestown IN 46147 U.S.A


April 2014





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Frame Side Front/Rear

Bracket Front Suspension

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In April 2014, we established a joint venture with Fukai MFG Co., Ltd. and started operations in October 2016 as a parts supply base for Subaru in North America.
We have two 3000-t TRs, one 1600-t TR and two 1000-t BPs and produce body parts for the impressor ascent and out-back. Since we mainly handle the frame of the car body, there are features with large parts.
The city of Indianapolis, a state capital city, is located 20 minutes away from the company to the east by car, and in May each year, the Indy 500, a three major automobile race in the world, is held. In addition, there are several other circuit stations, and the area is very interested in automobile racing.


Every two months, we have a popcorn day which we make popcorn by a popcorn machine in a cafeteria, and subdivided into small bags to hand to employees. We are all happy to eat during breaks, etc.
We will continue to carry out activities that all our employees are pleased with.