Activities in 2018

Details of activities

Activities in 2018

Activities ①

Competition (FY2018/Mini Four-drive Competition)

Continued from last year, the mini four-drive race was held.
This year, we increased the level of difficulty in our original course using our technology "Toyototsu".
Each of them meticulously coordinated the machines with technical contrivances to face the competition.
Many people participated by parents and children, and both adults and children worked together to enjoy great success.

Activities ②

Tour (FY2018/Shin-Kurushima Toyohashi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.)

A tour of the process from the iron plate to the assembly of a ship.
Many of the processes are not automated, as the number of buildings built per year is 7 to 8, which is a perfectly ordered production. You can clearly see that most of the parts are built in the technician's skill.
Impressions of participants,
・ They were overwhelmed by the size of the scale of the manufacturing site, such as a building dock and a huge crane.
・ It was a very valuable experience that could not be experienced twice.
・ This paper learns machining methods and assembling methods which utilize the characteristics of metals such as linear heating.
We would like to make use of it for future design and development work.
見学会(2018年度/株式会社 新来島豊橋造船)
見学会(2018年度/株式会社 新来島豊橋造船)

Activities ③

Lecture meeting and research presentation meeting (FY2018/Mr. Koyama)

Under the title of "How to make hit products utilizing our own technologies" by Yoshiro Koyama
・ Ichiro's favorite CW-X
・ Pumps officially adopted by ANA's CA
・ Goggles used by many sports players
We gave lectures on the development secrets of various hit products and on how to develop products that can be sold in an easy-to-understand manner.
講演会、研究発表会(2018年度/株式会社連由 代表取締役 小山由朗様)

Activities ④

Competition and research presentations (fiscal 2018/participation in the TES fes Idea Battle).

Exhibited the idea battle at the TES (Toyota Engineering Society) Feth.
Competing for less impact by putting shock absorbers made of paper into wooden cars. We competed with the Toyota Engineering Society, the Aisin Engineering Society, high school students, and the Toyota Manufacturing Team for ideas.
TOYOTETSU Technology Society has devised its own shock absorbing structures based on the crash-box technologies it has cultivated over many years.
After producing as many as 120 prototypes and experimenting, we took on the challenge of the completed Toyotetsu Rocket FC.
No. 3 in result!

競技会、研究発表会 (2018年度/TESフェス「アイデアバトル」参加)
競技会、研究発表会 (2018年度/TESフェス「アイデアバトル」参加)