Overseas Bases Toyotetsu Canada, Inc. (TTCA)

Toyotetsu Canada, Inc. (TTCA)


88 Park Road Simcoe,ON N3Y 4J9


February 2006





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TTCA, the sole Canadian base for four North American sites, is at the northernmost latitude of the Toyotetsu Group.
In 2018, the 11th anniversary of the start-up of a new vehicle, two presses were added and the factory welding division was expanded, and the company is rapidly growing with more than 900 employees.
We produce popular North American models such as RAV4 and Lexus. In North America, there are a large number of presses and PQs, which are the second only presses in TTAI, and many AGVs are running in factories where the shift to liftress technology has progressed.


Half of the year is a snowy country in winter, but many people are warm and cooperative, and they work well with teamwork. Family-related company events are always very popular because we cherish our families more important than anything else. In an open house where the family is invited to the company every year, baby strollers, rather than AGVs, travel through the plant, making it a very appealing scene.
Since it is a country rich in nature, we are also highly aware of environmental protection. Every year during Environmental Month, we have received numerous applications from employees painting contests and environmental beautification volunteers. At Christmas, employees decorate their cafeterias themselves and enjoy lunch with everyone.
We are a community-oriented company that  emphasizes connection with local schools and organizations and participates in mutual events.